How much Revenue do you want to earn in 5 square feet of space?

Entertainment Experts provides the latest in music and gaming platforms for your establishment. The E2 difference will be recognized in your bottom line… yes we have the BEST equipment, yes we have the BEST service and yes, we offer the BEST leagues and promotions to retain and grow customer engagement in your house. Customers that stay longer, visit more often and increase their food and beverage spend are a result of a better entertainment experience in your venue. With E2, leagues, promotions and our propriety eWards program, your revenue share will grow along with your customer retention and count!

Entertainment Experts will provide music, games, cranes and various other coin operated machines at no cost to you. Yes…NO COST TO YOU! Please contact our customer service link to learn about the E2 revenue share program and begin now to grow your bottom line and increase your customers. Become an Entertainment Experts revenue share partner today!

ATM Services & Equipment

Automated Teller Machines are a proven tool for customer retention and increased store sales. Entertainment Experts will supply, install and connect an ATM machine to existing telephone or broadband lines at NO COST TO YOU. Our E2 teams are trained in the installation and service process for various manufacturers.

Depending on customer usage, the ATM machine can also contribute on a monthly basis to your revenue share from E2 while helping you to reduce credit card fees. Today more than 70% of the U.S. population has an ATM card, so why not provide this convenience to your customers while adding revenue to your bottom line?

Game Services & Equipment

Entertainment Experts portfolio of games and merchandize equipment will enhance your customer engagement and reach any demographic! From pub favorites, electronic darts, pool, skee ball or Golden Tee Golf™ E2 will install and maintain this equipment all at NO UPFRONT COST TO YOU! We carry a wide variety of cranes and merchandize equipment with titles to satisfy the latest consumer trends.

Entertainment Experts promotions and Eward program will make a significant difference to your bottom line. This marketing position allows for contest creative innovation with on line contests, leagues and tournaments which drive both spontaneous and planned play in your venue. Eward prize photos and certificates allow player rewards that are not confined to a certain size to fit into a game. Again, prizes and plush rotate frequently to hit the latest consumer trends, movie themes, professional and regional sporting teams and add value to the customer while increasing your revenue share.

Yes, Entertainment Experts carries a wide variety of amusement manufactured games. Our defining difference will be in your revenue share and your customer feedback. E2 games and merchandisers supply the entertainment platform and rewards to keep customers coming back more often, increase their dwell time and increase their food and beverage checks.

Music Services & Equipment

Where’s the vinyl? Where are the compact discs? Jukeboxes have changed radically over the past decade and Entertainment Experts provides the latest equipment to quench on demand consumer choices. The quality of sound in every location is the key to effective entertainment. Entertainment Experts and their highly skilled installation teams will customize the sound system to meet those customer demands and filter choices to meet the needs of your venue.

E2’s state of the art technology insures an easy and enjoyable consumer experience via smart phone apps, credit or debit card payment and yes, our equipment will take cash! Utilizing broadband connection allows customers to search music and accelerates their interactive experience. Today’s digital platforms allow the creation of playlists and music filters to keep the venue theme in tack. BMI, ASCAP and SESAC licenses are covered with every Entertainment Experts digital music platform when the jukebox is played.

Our inventory includes products from TouchTunes Interactive Networks and AMI Entertainment. The E2 service and installation teams are highly trained with expertise in equipping your venue with customized sound.